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Developmental toys, books, activities and curriculum

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How It Works

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Your first box will ship immediately and a toy and curiculum will be donated to a foster child. Shipping is always free in the US. Every box has 2-4 toys, 1-2 books, and 2-3 awesome activities along with detailed curriculum. 

We will help you play outside the box

Each box is designed to advance development with easy-to-use research-based curriculum crafted by our early childhood development experts for you to use as you play with purpose.

3 months later your next Pooka Box will arrive

Shipping is always free in the US and you can cancel any time on our website. 


Why it's Important

At Pooka Box We:

Build strong attachments between parents/caregiver and their children so they are willing to take risks, experiment, and make mistakes. 

Grow imaginative, creative, out-of-the-box thinkers who have a Growth Mindset.  

Cultivate curiosity and encourage children to wonder about their world.

Promote critical areas of early childhood development such as: Communication, Motor Skills, Problem Solving, and Social/Emotional Skills.

Encourage play which research shows reduces stress in both children and adults.

But most importantly, we want you and your child to have fun together.

Our Story

From the moment my son, Theodore, was born I called him Pooka.  I am a type A over achieving mom who reads every parenting book and blog, has every app on her phone and is constantly searching for the perfect toys. I was so sick of all of the conflicting information and junk-y toys out there, so I decided to do something about it! I wanted to create a product that had cutting edge information on early childhood development and the very best books, toys and activities to promote early learning, all while supporting parents in their efforts. Thus, Pooka Box was born.

Our early childhood development experts guide and execute our educational mission to provide the very best books, toys, activities and curriculum to promote development and prepare children for kindergarten. 

I believe every child deserves access to early education. For every subscription purchased we donate a toy and curriculum to a child in the foster system.

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