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Virtual Caretaker - Tot Class

Taking Founding Members Now!

You are invited to be a founding member of our exclusive virtual community. 

We are revolutionizing how parents and caregivers interact with their little ones to promote development in the first five years by offering live and on-demand virtual caretaker-child classes! 

As we grow you will help build our community with 10 invites for your friends and family. Our goal is to create a safe supportive community devoted to early childhood development with the flexibility to do it in your own home. Thanks for your interest in our small community. We look forward to your feedback.

How it Works

What devices can I use?

Our classes will work great in a normal browser. That means that any laptop or tablet with a microphone and camera will work great. An iPhone or Android phone will work too but the small screen is not as engaging.

Is my privacy and my Pooka's safe?

We wouldn't have it any other way. You will be able to turn off your camera and microphone if you like or allow only the instructor to see them. However, we encourage you to join in with video and audio for a more immersive experience. We will never share last names, addresses or any other of your personal info.

When is my class?

Classes will be held in Spring 2019. By signing up now you are helping us build our community and guaranteeing your spot! Details will be emailed.

What materials do I need?

Once we've identified the required materials for your class we will send you the list so you can get organized. We intend for most, if not all of the items, to be things you will have in your house or easily be able to obtain such as crayons, paper, cups and so on.